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Music from the Borderlands

Modal Citizen Records


Modal Citizen Records

Established in 2008, Modal Citizen Records is an independent record label that showcases some of the finest roots, trad and jazz music from the North West of Ireland. In 2017 through increasing musical collaboration more and more Modal Citizens joined in the communal session recordings that resulted in musician/writer Marc Geagan’s Book/CD “Songs of Erne: Traditional Music from South Donegal and West Fermanagh,” which featured a guest appearance by Steve Cooney performing the Ruaidhrí Dall Ó Catháin’s tune ‘The Hawk of Ballyshannon’. The next foray saw the launch of jazz steel guitar virtuoso Richard Nelson’s second solo jazz album, ‘Song for my Father.” This expansion into jazz paved the way for the release of internationally-renowned jazz guitarist Mike Nielsen’s stunning album ‘Solo Sound Recipes’. Since then, the label has continued to grow with the addition of Doom-Country singer-songwriter Ronan Gallagher, Derry's Balkan Music juggernaut, Basork and New Zealand concert pianist Lance Coburn.

Modal Citizen Records mission is to, above all, create and distribute great music and provide our artists with the artistic freedom and platform to further their careers by offering recording, marketing and digital distribution across the globe on all international online retailers.



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