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An independent record label based in the Irish Borderlands, where pedal steel, trad and jazz guitar meets songs about lost love, drink and Armageddon. We've also gone off on a Hiberno-Balkan Odyssey of late too.

Guilfoyle/Nielsen Trio

The Guilfoyle/Nielsen Trio are playing Bennigan’s Jazz Venue, Derry on Wednesday August 7th. 10pm. Entry £10. Get ready for one of the most revitalising experiences Irish jazz has to offer!

Hristos Dance

Hristos Dance by Basork

Down at the Lemon Market by Duozouk

Κάτω στα Λεμονάδικα, Kato sta Lemonadika or Down at the Lemon Market by Duozouk. This beautiful piece of Rebetiko music was written by Vagelis Papazoglou is the 1930s. Quintessentially Greek and still a thriving musical tradition, Rebetiko songs form the soundtrack of almost every social occasions f

Modal Citizen Records Updates May 2019

The Ronan Gallagher Band are chuffed about the RTE Radio plays from Fiachna Ó Braonáin, Cathal Murray and of course John Creedon. But it was people like Jimmy Stafford and Paul McDevitt at Highland, Marion Fitzgerald at Ocean and the consummate gent that is Charlie McGettigan at Shannonside who got behind the band and encouraged and advised us on getting national airtime. We followed your advice folks and are reaping the rewards so thank you so much for that. The band (through Ronan's Machiavellian ingenuity and divine providence lol) are getting their RTE TV debut this summer. And so with some nice festival work coming in, they have already begun pre-production for their second album. The beat goes on. Live, Love Music.

Mike Nielsen is launching his live album followup to 'Solo Sound Recipes' and is going into the studio after the summer to record his long-awaited Micro-tonal Guitar album. You can expect some special from these sessions.

Richard Nelson, in between touring and playing on countless sessions has begun working on his 3rd jazz album. Did we mention he played with Van Morrison and featured on Paul Brady's last album lol? 

Meitheal have begun work on Songs of Erne Volume 2: Border Music. The fieldwork is ongoing but scores of new tunes and songs have been discovered, rediscovered or sourced thanks to the amazing custodial work of people like Marcas O'Murachu, Cyril and Mary Maguire and the legend that is Ben Lennon. The next book/album, whilst embryonic, is shaping up nicely with some of the old crew reuniting for the project. 



The Ronan Gallagher Band. 'I Won't Do That': Official Music Video

Written by Ronan Gallagher
Produced and Recorded by Marc Geagan @ Stracomer Studio, Bundoran
Horns arranged by Donal McGuinness
Mixed and Mastered by Rory Donaghy @ Blast Furnace Studios, Derry

Ronan Gallagher Band Fund It Campaign

A Message from Modal Citizen, Ronan Gallagher: 'I am in the process of recording my debut album ‘Always Broke Never Broken’ but need your help in getting it mixed, mastered, designed, printed, duplicated, and promoted. Thank you. https://fundit.ie/project/always-broke-never-broken

We're delighted to have jazz guitar virtuoso Mike Nielsen on Modal Citizen Records. We have launched his latest album Solo Sound Recipes: Improvisations on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and loads of other online stores. 

Always Let Me Go by Mike Nielsen

Track number 6 from Mike Nielsen's latest album Solo Sound Recipes: Improvisations on Modal Citizen Records. www.modalcitizenrecords.com

Richard Nelson's 'Song for my Father' available to download/stream on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify.

This is pedal steel guitar virtuoso Richard Nelson's 2nd jazz album. After playing on hundreds if not thousands of albums as Ireland's premiere session steel guitarist, Nelson has invited some of his musical compadres to cook up a storm of jazz standards. 


Four Brothers (Preview) by Richard Nelson

A preview Richard Nelson performing Four Brothers from his album 'Song for my Father'. Released on www.modalcitizenrecords.com
Also available on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play and Amazon.

Recorded at Stracomer Studio, Bundoran, Co. Donegal.

Songs of Erne Volume 1: Traditional Music from South Donegal and West Fermanagh Book/CD now available. Visit www.songsoferne.com for more information.