Microtonal Sound Recipes: Multiple Layers by Mike

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This project developed out of a eureka moment when a guitar string was plucked on the opposite side in a moment of spontaneous improvisation. The sounded microtone led to 20 years of microtonal research, performance and guitar development. PhD research incorporated a collaboration with my long-time friend and musical colleague, singer Ellen Demos. Ellen developed her microtonal singing technique during periods of recorded extemporaneous duo performances as part of my research. The content of the CD is a result of Ellen and myself recording improvisations for two days at Four Winds Recording Studio, (2015), engineered by the fantastic Jamie Carolan. Subsequently, Shane O’ Donovan provided the awesome overdubbing of percussion and electronics to complete the sound recipe. An additional live track was added, Cringing Madmen, from a live quartet improvisation - myself on microtonal guitar/electronics; Ellen Demos: vocals/electronics; Matt Halpin: Saxes; Shane O’ Donovan: percussion/electronics - during a concert concluding a postdoctoral Arts Council Project Award, 2018. Amusing, yet improvisationally significant, the song title Awa Ba Da Dae - named after improvised syllables and phonetically transcribed - when translated (according to google translate language detection that is…) means, we’re not okay. Ellen had actually improvised in the Hausa language, a branch of the Afroasiatic language family. Ellen also contributed monologues to the project which are included here. I am really grateful to Marc Geagan at www.modalcitizenrecords.com for his continued support and interest in my projects. Extended thanks to Joel at G&J Audio, Union City, NJ, USA for the fantastic mixing and mastering. Mike Nielsen July 2019 Mike Nielsen: microtonal guitar and electronics Ellen Demos: vocals Shane O’ Donovan: percussion and electronics Matt Halpin: sax on Cringing Madmen www.modalcitizenrecords.com Note: For orders outside of the Republic of Ireland please email modalcitizenrecords@gmail.com

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LUMINOUS MATTER And someone thought, someone indeed thought; thought there existed, way back when, way back when. Way back when; when a thought, that thought there had been a saying, somewhere, sometime and now that was indeed way back when. Trailing way back when, when there was no time. Back through the spatial intersticesof non-spatial, non-existing, non-spacetime. To space existing. To space erasing itself. To spacetime existing with its existents. To those nanoseconds after the BANG... To non-spatial, non-existing, non-spacetime again. To spacetime erasing itself again. To spacetime existing with its existents, again. To those nanoseconds after the BANG again. And so on and so forth infinitumly until the some point where they say it did indeed begin. And in those nanoseconds after the original, or so it has been said, BANG. There was a thought, that thought , it had been said: ‘ Timid Boots crunching under lamp posts luminously gliding into dark night gliss.’ And so did the BANGING produce a glissing; glissing ever outwards beginning a spacetime that didn’t know itself. And didn’t recognise that it was indeed beginning to produce a matter, that well, and at that point, who could have known, anyway, wasn’t yet Green Globular matter. But that didn’t matter. It was glissing merrily through this time space discovering itself. And it had cracks, this matter. But that didn’t matter, way back then. As there was no water way back then, to have to worry about filling up the cracks with the rats. And so did this matter create a gliss, glissing sumptuously, ceremoniously and sailing ignomaniously along in a silent, whisper less, vacuous non-existence towards the beginnings of Collectivity. And collecting speeds with which it projected itself to the maximum ultimate speed. And turning itself in to the beginnings of Luminous Matter, that did matter to itself. And while already knowing itself to be the beginning of these thoughts that... That this gliss could just be the ultimate speeding speed beyond which there would be none other than expanding matter; ever doubling itself until it turned itself inside out... And would not be able to compete and or overtake its ownpresent speeding self. Speeding along, speeding along... So side by side, a droite a gauche. Racing along, glancing to and fro at a non-existence left behind. Hurtling ever outwards and onwards to blissful, not a thought, non-thinking future. Racing at a limited speed while burgeoning limitlessly and blindly catapulting forwards to that point of existence with existents. But that many throughout the following unfolding epochs, will have testified to being far less interesting an existence, than Glissing, No Time, Spatial Non-Existence. Glissing... Non-Spatial Existence. No Time, No Time... And so began The Beginning... GREEN TEA It has been said: ‘Timid Boots crunching under lamp posts luminously gliding in to dark night Gliss.’ It has been said, ‘would you like a cup of tea?’ ‘Before I answer that question, Yes!’ ‘But what was that crackling synaptic nanosecond of a thought I had, just before the Green Tea was offered?’ Ohhh... Green Tea! Across the white expanse I reach for the bubbling, steeping, detoxing hot liquid. But it has been said, ‘It’s not easy being Green.‘ I thought not, but then the shapes over took the harmony of the body, whilst the head whistled messages long gone by. Motion stood still and the shadows played off one another. Making fun, funning making, moulding receptive coverlets of sinewy skin still taught. Puffy cheeks rambled in ageless wonder. Maybe I was too young and maybe it was too late,but there stood before me, time that didn’t know itself. And recognising that maybe somewhere this capsule of time reradiated in spatial remembrance, given in to now, would make quite a graceful statement of womanhood strength, lying in the quilted fabric of faces moved on into still night, if you like or radiant, oozing , laughing light of day... It was from the end of that, that began all of this. And it is dangerous to think too much at four o’clock in the morning. But I’ll blame it on the Green Tea. I could have blamed it on myself. But then I would have been beside myself and that wouldn’t have been a pretty sight. Remember since time immemorial, there have been besidings and like beheadings they don’t always go well. There’s too much competition and reflection and then there’s all that flesh and blood . And with that always comes some nasty bit of globular matter pretending to be anything but what it really is. But then there have been many stories like these told, in private faith and seething, tenuous teething. Holding somewhere from the outside inwards, that thought biting moment when the dawn trickles in and seizes every possible second and steeps you out from night’s clutch in to daylight convulsed happen stance. Your stance is too longly forward. Creep lightly, brightly backwards, for night has not yet been chased away...