Microtonal Sound Recipes: Multiple Layers by Mike

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This project developed out of a eureka moment when a guitar string was plucked on the opposite side in a moment of spontaneous improvisation. The sounded microtone led to 20 years of microtonal research, performance and guitar development. PhD research incorporated a collaboration with my long-time friend and musical colleague, singer Ellen Demos. Ellen developed her microtonal singing technique during periods of recorded extemporaneous duo performances as part of my research. The content of the CD is a result of Ellen and myself recording improvisations for two days at Four Winds Recording Studio, (2015), engineered by the fantastic Jamie Carolan. Subsequently, Shane O’ Donovan provided the awesome overdubbing of percussion and electronics to complete the sound recipe. An additional live track was added, Cringing Madmen, from a live quartet improvisation - myself on microtonal guitar/electronics; Ellen Demos: vocals/electronics; Matt Halpin: Saxes; Shane O’ Donovan: percussion/electronics - during a concert concluding a postdoctoral Arts Council Project Award, 2018. Amusing, yet improvisationally significant, the song title Awa Ba Da Dae - named after improvised syllables and phonetically transcribed - when translated (according to google translate language detection that is…) means, we’re not okay. Ellen had actually improvised in the Hausa language, a branch of the Afroasiatic language family. Ellen also contributed monologues to the project which are included here. I am really grateful to Marc Geagan at www.modalcitizenrecords.com for his continued support and interest in my projects. Extended thanks to Joel at G&J Audio, Union City, NJ, USA for the fantastic mixing and mastering. Mike Nielsen July 2019 Mike Nielsen: microtonal guitar and electronics Ellen Demos: vocals Shane O’ Donovan: percussion and electronics Matt Halpin: sax on Cringing Madmen www.modalcitizenrecords.com Note: For orders outside of the Republic of Ireland please email modalcitizenrecords@gmail.com

Always Broke Never Broken

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Ronan Gallagher's debut album with songs about lost love, drink and Armageddon. Note: For orders outside of the Republic of Ireland please email modalcitizenrecords@gmail.com

Songs of Erne Volume 1 Book/CD

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Songs of Erne: Volume 1 by Marc Geagan. This collection of tunes, in the tradition of "The Northern Fiddler," documents the music of South Donegal and West Fermanagh, through interviews, tunes and songs. Local songs from Paddy Tunney (“Father of Song”) and tunes from Ruaidhrí Dall Ó Catháin (composer of Tabhair dom do Lámh and The Hawk of Ballyshannon) and Poet/Music Collector William Allingham are featured in the book. The book is illustrated by the iconic local artist Barry Britton. There is also an accompanying CD that features contemporary versions of the collected material. The CD contains contributions from some of the finest musicians in the South Donegal area, including guitar virtuoso Steve Cooney, Ulster Fleadh winner Farrah Bogle and Kila’s Seanan Brennan. Note: For orders outside of the Republic of Ireland please email modalcitizenrecords@gmail.com

Song for my Father

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‘Song for my Father’ is Richard’s 2nd jazz album. In a personal homage to his late father Richard pays tribute to him by covering the Horace Silver classic. To most people the pedal steel guitar is a bizarre, bewildering instrument and the sheer technical prowess required puts most musicians off ever attempting to play it. But to play jazz on the instrument is a testament to the man himself. On 7 Brothers, Nelson deftly navigates complex lines which showcase his stunning virtuosity. Blue Moon reveals the instrument’s Hawaiian origins. His daughter Klara guests on ‘All of Me’, a version that Lady Day would be proud to call her own. There are many highlights on this exciting album, notably Miles Davis’ Nardis, Green Dolphin Street and the stunning cover of Nowhere Man by The Beatles. Note: For orders outside of the Republic of Ireland please email modalcitizenrecords@gmail.com